Fever Detection with Thermal Cameras in relation to Covid-19

With COVID-19 at the forefront of society currently there holds big risks for care homes to protect and eliminate any signs of the virus entering their homes. With the use of thermal fever screening solutions, this makes us one step closer to eradicate any threats entering the building. These cameras do not help detect COVID-19 however it does offer an indication on an 'abnormal' temperature which is the highest symptom percentage out of all the symptoms which is a sign of an individual carrying a virus even if it isn't COVID-19

Reassure your residents and their families that your premises are safe and taking steps to protect against COVID-19

In accordance with the NHS, the main symptoms of coronavirus is a high temperature, new continuous cough, loss, or change to your smell or taste. If you see the graph below it will outline the most common symptom is a high temperature. The only issue with a high temperature/fever is that this can go unnoticed by the individual as it doesn't present any cold or flu-like symptoms and this is why we are installing these fever cameras so that we can help discover a high temperature which will then allow the home/individual to put in the necessary measures to overcome this.

Coronavirus Symptoms By Percentage.png

Protecting your staff and residents using thermal fever detection cameras

The Health and Safety of each individual that can be affected by this is our top priority whether it is staff, residents, visitors. We strive to protect the premises and eliminate any form of virus from entering the building.

This Fever detection thermal camera does not only work as a fever detection device but also as a security system service that can lock and unlock doors along with a clocking in/out feature. (Please see all other advantages of using this as a security system below)

There are multiple benefits to installing fever detection cameras which include the following. (this can be affected by device model but we are happy to put a plan together to suit any needs you may have in regards to protecting your building and members inside it.)

  • Behavior analysis function, based on deep learning algorithm: Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance & Exit

  • Reliable temperature-anomaly alarm

  • Fire detection algorithm

  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture in picture preview

  • Wide temperature measurement range: -20 - 550° C

  • High-temperature measurement accuracy: Up to ±2° C, ±2%

  • < 0.2s Verification Speed

  • Deep learning algorithm with increased accuracy by up to 38%, compared against traditional algorithms.

  • Recognition under low-light or even zero-light environments

  • Data encryption to protect data privacy

  • Counterfeit prevention ensures security. (Face anti-spoofing)

  • Clocking in/out, break-in/out, overtime in/out.

  • Simultaneous multi-person detection within crowds

  • Requires no physical contact to test for a fever

  • Audible warning to alert of a high temperature