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Dome Cameras

Our dome cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have a wide range of dome cameras such as Fixed Lens, Infrared illumination (Darkfighter), 24-hour Colour (ColorVu), 180° View, Motorised Varifocal, and AcuSense.

2MP, 4MP, 6MP, 8MP

180 degree camera.png
colorvu camera.png
Motorised varifocal.png
Acusense Dome.png

Bullet Cameras

Our bullet cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have a wide range of bullet cameras such as Fixed Lens, Infrared illumination (Darkfighter), 24-hour Colour (ColorVu), 180° View, Motorised Varifocal, and AcuSense.

2MP, 4MP, 6MP, 8MP

Motorised varifocal bullet.png
Acusense Bullet.png
colorvu bullet camera.png
180 degree bullet camera.png

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras

Our PTZ cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have a wide range of PTZ cameras with various zoom capabilities such as 15X Zoom, 25X Zoom, 32X Zoom, 36X Zoom, 42X Zoom, and the following different features: Smart Tracking (This will follow specific targets when they enter a particular area), Smart IR (This automatically adjusts the intensity of the cameras LED's to give you a better view at night depending on the distance of an object), Wiper (to wipe camera lens - this can be activated from the app/recorder)

Smart Tracking, Smart IR PTZ Camera.png
15x zoom 2mp PTZ Camera.png
36x zoom 8mp smart tracking PTZ Camera.p

Thermal Fever Detection Cameras

Our Thermal Fever Detection Cameras are available for indoor applications. We have a wide range of Fever Detection Cameras cameras that come in the following forms: Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, Handheld Scanner, Facial Recognition Terminal (This can also be used as an access control system along with clocking in system) and Walk Through Detector (this is a fever detection and metal detector)

Thermal Imaging Cameras can detect abnormal skin surface temperatures in under 1 second with an accuracy up to ±0.3°C

Thermal Bullet.png
Thermal Facial Detection.png
Thermal Dome.png
Thermal Handheld.png

Thermal Cameras

Our Thermal Cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thermal cameras allow you to see in virtually any weather and under any lighting conditions. this displays a thermographic image instead of your typical color/black and white image. This means that they are ideal for any large perimeter area as they can see beyond the human eye/typical camera distance which allows you to catch intruders from distances up to 500m. due to the camera working off of physical heat rather than movement this allows the camera to filter out any false readings as it will only measure the heat of a human body and use this to trigger alarms.


Panoramic Cameras

Our PanoVu Cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. In the range of panovu cameras that we offer there are multiple different types such as the following:

Dual directional (Good for hallways with 2 walkways)

8MP 180° Panoramic camera with built-in PTZ with smart human density counting and public behavior analysis to increase public area safety (allows an alarm trigger to operate the PTZ to the specified area)

4-directional (this covers up to 360° field of view with adjustable lenses)

3 directional (this covers a 360° field of view with 3 fixed lenses)

3 directional with PTZ (360° view with built-in PTZ to scan to points automatically once a line is crossed or there has been an intrusion detected)

8MP 180° Panoramic camera with built-in PTZ with Target filtering, based on deep learning algorithms, the targets can be classified into human, vehicle and others to reduce false alarms

Dual-directional camera ( 2 adjustable lenses to cover 2 angles with one camera)


The panoramic images are captured by multiple sensors, rendering 180° or 360° imaging with real-time ultra-HD resolution. The integrated design of panoramic and PTZ cameras offers fast detail positioning over panoramic areas.


ColorVu Cameras

Our ColorVu Cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. ColorVu allows you to see in colour for 24 hours consecutively. We offer the colorvu cameras in both bullet and dome form.

Density Control/People Counting

these can be used to calculate and notify when social density and distancing exceptions occur. Some options provide additional benefits such as face mask detection, loitering detection, queue management, multi-purpose digital signage, and integration with skin-surface temperature screening cameras. These solutions are scalable and beneficial to small shops, commercial buildings, shopping centers, factories, arenas and more.


Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras work by using a panoramic lens to capture the view of multiple cameras in one single device. If positioned on the wall, they offer a 180-degree view, and when on the ceiling, they offer a 360-degree coverage of the floor below – with no blind spots.

Hikvision fisheye cameras are among the most sophisticated on the market today. Featuring top-of-the-range Immervision lenses, they deliver a wider angle of view, less distortion, and sharper, more detailed images than many other cameras on the market, which results in more natural images once they have been dewarped.

a single fisheye camera is a very efficient and cost-effective way to achieve high-quality surveillance of a large or complex area. What’s more, the latest cameras with built-in heat mapping and people counting offer incredible insight for companies whose business thrives on sales.


AcuSense Cameras

Hikvision AcuSense Technology provides accurate sensing in security hardware. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, AcuSense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects.

The most common concerns in perimeter protection are trespassing and vehicle break-ins.

AcuSense technology helps you to focus on human and vehicle events in two ways: the device will only trigger an alarm when the preset intrusion type (human or vehicle) takes place, and videos related to alarm events are sorted into human and vehicle categories for easier footage searches.

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