Hikvision DeepinMind NVR
  • Hikvision DeepinMind NVR



    16 channel human body detection for intelligent event filtering, NVR will only trigger a smart event when a human body is detected and all other detections will be filtered out avoiding unnecessary nuisance tripping - especially useful on alarm or police monitored installations.

    Builds 16 channel human detection indexes allowing you to search archives based on person characteristics such as age, gender, colour of clothing or upload an image of a person of significance and allow the NVR to search its capture archives based on a similarity level which can be set by the user with all search results shown on screen in the form of viewable thumb nails.  


    • Up to 12 Megapixels resolution recording
    • 320Mbps record rate, 200Mbps in RAID mode
    • HDMI and VGA output at up to 3840 x 2160 resolution
    • Up to 8 SATA interfaces, Upto 48TB internal storage
    • Can analyse upto 16-ch 1080P, 8-ch 4Mp, 4-ch 8Mp
    • Dual gigabit network interfaces
    • Picture search by features
    • 16ch recognition of human target
    • False alarm filtering for up to 16ch behaviour
    • 16 alarm inputs, 4 alarm outputs
    • RAID compatible