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Nursing Home Case Study


We were approached by Fairlight Nursing Home who felt the need to ensure that both residents and staff were as protected as possible. With 62 resident patients on-site and round the clock staffing 24/7 we had to offer a solution that was not only viable but practical too.


Concerns were raised about not only staff entering the building but any potential contractors, delivery teams, doctors and nurses, etc. In order to reduce the potential impact of Covid 19 reaching the residents, we proposed that cameras were to be set up at each entrance and to be connected to the first entry doors as a lockable magnet. These cameras would not only have facial recognition but they also had a temperature check which meant anyone who wasn’t recognized or a potential threat with a high temperature would not be allowed access.


Upon confirmation of the order, it took us no more than 12 hours to complete the work to the client's delight after facing a few complications.


Products used include:


2x  DS-7608NI-I2/8P -Network Video Recorder's (NVR's) - one for each building

2x DS-K1T671TM-3XF - Thermal Fever Detection Facial Recognition Terminals - one for each building

1x DS-KAB671-B - Stand for Thermal Fever Detection Facial Recognition Terminal

2x Door magnets

2x Touchless exit buttons

Throughout the installation, we only fitted the highest quality products in order to have a system suitable for years to come. The feedback received from the nursing home was excellent


Feedback from the customer:

Highly recommend this company and the equipment they provide. We had thermal cameras installed in our care home which are very useful. Will not gain access into the home if temperature is too high and will also receive email alerts of this.

Great Service and staff and thank you Reece for your help and patience showing us the system.


On behalf of Fairlight Nursing Home

Images of completed jobs: